We inspire to realize our vision

We believe that everyone is unique and deserves to demonstrate it through the uniqueness generated by our products. The craftsmanship within the Slovenia (EU) is highly important to us.

Founder & CEO
Marko Bratovž
Diana Blumer Košak
Nina Hočevar
Robert Avguštin

Our Story


The project was conceived in November 2016, when Marko was actively looking for an idea able to open the doors to a new market.
He wanted to create a product which would fuse activities in nature with technology. After several months of research, the idea was born.


To succeed in carrying out his project, Marko had to look for creative counterparts. Together, sharing similar vision, they were able to realize the idea and bring it to the market.


Primary launch is being achieved through KickStarter with help from our generous supporters.


These 3 words strongly symbolize our idea and even more than that – our vision. We made a promise to ourselves, that we will make and offer you only the best possible products. We stand behind our philosophy firmly and can guarantee that we are using only the best components and the most adequate materials, with longevity of product and environmental concern in mind.

Why are we doing what we do? Because we believe in a better world and that the product serves the user and not the other way round. Our main guideline in creating products is the basic rule of industrial design – Form Follows Function. With the knowledge we have, we will work to bring the best possible products to the world.
To You.