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OliLight now on KickStarter!

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For the past year, we’ve been dedicating our time for a very special project. Now we’re off to KickStarter, to find the boost and ensure a healthy product launch for OliLight.

This project is not only about finding light, but it’s an homage to the adventurers, commuters, the restless souls and wanderers.

Our drive to create the perfect light for hiking is completed and we have an amazing product to showcase. We’re showing it full of enthusiasm for the first time on KickStarter.

Support us on KickStarter

So who is the OliLight team?

Marko Bratovž, Founder & CEO
Diana Blumer Košak, CCO
Nina Hočevar, CSMO
Robert Avguštin, CDO

Indispensable experts…

Our amazing team had gone so far to lurk and find people who helped us master the art of crowdfunding. For this wild month we got the professional assistance from these very special guys.

Big shout outs go to:
Videomantik – Dušan Tešanovič and Gregor Kitek
for video production and expertise

Cloever – Žiga Godina
PR expert successfully finishing 4 KickStarter campaigns. He has an amazing drive to put things on the right track for a media campaign. With his fifth project he feels on the right path to upgrading his “one man band” PR game into a full court team effort to change the narrative of the big media. Žiga stepped up to work on OliLight and is here since November. Go Žiga!

Matjaž Šerkezi
Tester, safety advisor and mountain rescue instructor at Mountain Rescue Association of Slovenia.

Thanks guys.

Special thanks

Models and actors
Guys standing by our side and always selflessly willing to help.
Eva Strniša
Žiga Šink
Tina Furlan & Matej Kramar
Sabina Kazic
Jasna Merklin
Žiga Koncilja

Our portrait photographer
Blaž Košak

You supported us one way or the other
Blaž Bratovž, LED geek
Marking Graphic Service
Katarina Štular
Metoda Zalar
Reebok CrossFit Ljubljana and the gang
Davorin Kotnik
Gregor Nagode (for T-shirts and longboard)
ProMontana (for safety gear support) (for media suport)
Niko Klanšek (for KickStarter support)

…and others. You know who you are. 😉

Everybody else, please come check out and share our idea with the world!

Support us on KickStarter

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