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Best hiking routes in Slovenia

Zelenci (Slovenija)

We have compiled for you a list with some of the Best Hiking Routes in Slovenia

Lovrenška jezera
Lovrenška lakes

1. Lovrenška lakes

The Lovrenška lakes are located in the NE of Slovenia on the Pohorje plateau. Pohorje plateau is the only silicate mountain chain in Europe with many endemic species and very scenic nature. The best scenes are dedicated to the peat moor with its small lakes. There are at least 20 of them which are constant, and some more during the rainy seasons. You can access the lakes from direction Maribor along the Drava valley to Lovrens na Pohorju and from there on to the lodge Koča na Pesku. For two hours you can walk over the peat moor’s velvet soft grass and mosses. There are also Ribnica lake and the Black Lake which are also worth a visit.

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Orlovo gnezdo - Logarska dolina
Eagle’s Nest – Logar Valley

2. Logar valley landscape park

Located in the NE of Slovenia, one of the most beautiful valleys in the world, is ideal for those hikers, who enjoy walking around surrounded with an amazing view of the Kamnik-Savinja Alps. A part of the Solčavsko region, tradition and nature have found harmony here serving as a good example of sustainable development. As an added value to agriculture and forestry, tourism offers an opportunity for relaxation in the peaceful ambience of the landscape park as well as hiking, cycling, horseback riding, photo hunting, etc.

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Lake Bled (Slovenia)
Lake Bled (Slovenia)

3. Pokljuka plateau with Lake Bled and Lake Bohinj

This one is really one of the most scenic places you will find in Slovenia. With lake Bled, the ideal image of heaven on earth in the front and a really unique Lake Bohinj just behind it, surrounded with majestic Julian Alps and a Vogel Ski resort above the lake. In the summer you can go swimming in a refreshingly cool Lake Bohinj, go on a canoe trip or go fishing. If you are in for some forest chillout, you can just simply go on a hike to Pokljuka plateau, where idyllic spruce forests cover the most of the plateau. From Pokljuka there are many well marked hiking trails to some really nice mountain huts.

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Slap Kozjak
Kozjak Waterfall

4. Emerald River Trail

You probably heard about the Soča river, one of the most beautiful rivers in the World, where the movie Chronicles of Narnia was also shot. The Emerald River Trail goes along the Soča river, starting in Bovec and goes all along the river to Kobarid. Along the trail there are numerous waterfalls, hanging bridges, and many, many nice viewpoints on the surrounding Alps. Along the trail you can find some really nice camping sites and many tourist agencies offering info sightseeing and local cuisine.

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Triglavska jezera
Triglav Lakes Valley

5. Triglav Lakes Valley

Triglav Lakes Valley, located in the Triglav National Park (TNP) is well known for its beauty and is one of the most beautiful places in TNP. The most common way to reach the start of the valley is from Bohinj starting at Savica cabin, located upon the Savica waterfall. Trail goes over Komarča steep and is the quickest way to enter the valley. After about three hours you reach the first lake, named Črno jezero (Black Lake) at 1294 metres (4254 ft) above sea level. In the valley there are two cabins, first is Koča pri Triglavskih jezerih (Cabin at Triglav Lakes) at 1683 m (5522 ft), and the second is Zasavska koča na Prehodavcih at 2071 m (6795 ft). For an advanced hiker and those well prepared the whole tour can be done in one day, but for an average hiker it is recommended to go on a two day walk and not to hurry. You’ll be glad to walk through the valley at a slow pace because if its beauty and magnificent views. You can sleep over night in one of the two cabins, however a reservation of the beds is highly recommended.

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